Storms can cause roofing damage


Severe weather can cause roofing damage that may not be easy to see. A roof inspection can spot storm damage before it leads to the need for more expensive repairs. 

We've received training through HAAG Engineering on how to identify if a roofing system has been damaged by wind and/or hail. It's important to have a roofing professional who has been trained to identify storm related damage to inspect your roof after a storm.

  • ROOFING INSPECTION: We'll get on your roof while your safely on the ground. Our free digital roofing inspection takes between 10-15 minutes.  After we are finished with the inspection we will show you a video of the condition of your roofing system.   
  •  STORM DAMAGE:  We've helped 1000's of people in our community navigate the insurance process. If your roofing system has been damaged by a storm we can help you with getting your insurance to cover the damage.
  • DAMAGED AREAS: Evansville- Newburgh- Boonville have all had roofing replacements due to recent storm activity.


Your roofing system protects your most important assets, your family and home from all the exterior eliminates.  A small issue with your roofing system can cause big problems —and small issues are challenging to spot from the ground.  

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